Lab rental

Lab rental

Bioincubator - the lab facilities

BB Lab is a bioincubator filled with basic equipment for a rapid and simple start-up for new companies.

The lab offers access to 900mlaboratory space containing advanced equipment .

BB Lab is open to anyone who needs access to laboratories for a short or long period. You can rent key card with access to the lab, lab benches or seperate laboratories. 

Our flexible space and lease terms allow you to expand when needed. 

Explore the labs here.


Lab rental terms

The rental terms are built as modules.

Level 1: Key card with access to the labs and a defined equipment package. 

Level 2: Own lab bench and access to a defined equipment package.

Level 3 : Separate lab and access to a defined equipment package.


At the top of these levels, BB Lab offers training and access to the most advanced equipments for an extra fee per hour. 

Please contact us for more information and price lists. 

All requests will be handled confidentially. You will shortly receive an e-mail from us to confirm that we have received your request.