Equipment list

Equipment list

Barents Biocentre Lab

The equipment at BB Lab is state-of-the-art and of an extremely high standard. It is aimed in particular at the following areas of commitment:

• Marine bioprospecting

• Lipids

• Proteins/enzymes/peptides


List of principal instruments in Barents Biocentre Lab:

Real-Time PCR instrument, LightCycler 480 

Multi-Mode Microplate Reader Synergy H1MFD

Microplate counter, MicroBeta2

Ultra Performance Liquid Chromatography – Triple Quad MS/MS

Ultra Performance Liquid Chromatography, H-Class

GC-tandem mass spectrometry system: Quattro Micro GC MS/MS

Mass Spectrometer Xevo G2 QTof

Preparative Liquid Chromatography

Peptide synthesizer PPS-220C PRELUDE system

Manual Microwave Assisted Peptide Synthesizer

MicroReactor System, Micro-24

Molecular Imager, Pharos FX, PC

Cell Disruptor, TS Series

DNA sequencer MiSeq System

Isothermal titration calorimeter, MicroCal iTC200

Parallel Synthesis Station, Tornado Plus

Inverted Microscope, Nikon Eclipse TS 100F

Cascade and Console Freeze Dry System

High Speed Centrifuge Beckman Coulter Avanti J26XP

Dissolution Testing Equipment, AT7smart

Autom. analysis equip. DNA/RNA and protein, 2100 eBioanalyzer

DNA size selection and collection system, Pippin Prep

Protein Interaction Analysis system, Biacore T200

SpeedVac Centrivap DNA concentrator

Tornado 1S6

Rotavapor / rotary evaporator / rotavac

• Power-prep /Sample clean up system

 Ultra turrax T50

• Fast Protein Liquid Chromatography - Äkta purifier

• Laminar Flow Cabinets

• Nitrogen generators

• Steam generator

• Protection Kits against Radioactivity