Barents Biocentre Lab

The equipment at BB Lab is state-of-the-art and of an extremely high standard.

Waters Xevo G2 Q-ToF

The Waters Xevo Q-ToF mass spectrometer offers high sensitivty, selectivity and dynamic range for

Waters Xevo TQ MS

The Waters Xevo TQ MS is designed for quantitative UPLC-MS analyses.

Waters Quattro Micro GC

The Waters Quattro Micro GC is a mass spectrometer developed for GC and direct inlet interfaces.

Waters Autopurification system

The Waters Autopurification systtem consist of a HPLC, fraction collector and PDA detector.

Waters Acquity UPLC H-Class

The Waters Acquity UPLC H-Class with PDA detector is ideal for method development and quantitativ

Sotax Smart AT7 Dissolution Tester

The Sotax Smart AT7 Dissolution Tester is designed for off-line testing of a drug or other active